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The Notwist - S/T
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Cat Power - Moon Pix

Cat Power - Moon Pix
Cat Power - Moon Pix Cat Power - Moon Pix
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Matador (OLE 286-0)
Special Attributes: Reissue Vinyl 120g, Includes Free download of the Album
Release Date: 2012 (1998)
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"...these songs are coals. Like coals, they seem somehow unreal – wavering, spectral. In the braid of guitars, the weave of Marshall's doubled voice, it is never too pretty, never too safe. Eleven tracks, gorgeous and fucked. Thunder rolls again. And Marshall asks her questions, almost..." (

"Moon Pix is an excellent lo-fi, folk influenced melancholy album. The female vocals are spooky, gentle, and beautiful. They mix well with the soft guitar strums and piano chords. Moon Pix will put you in a trance and this is an extremely effective album on a rainy day. Once again if you dislike depressing or reflective music than don't go near this. When you listen to this the music just absorbs you, you will but in a trance you and you will never want to leave. Saying this Moon Pix can be hard to get into and you may find yourself struggling to get into this. All in all if you are seeking depressing, lo-fi, or music that will put you in a hypnotic state than Moon Pix is for you. Although Moon Pix isn't anything revolutionary it is still an excellent, and a very well done lo-fi, hypnotizing album"(

Track List
(Listen all the songs of the album here)

A1 American Flag      
A2 He Turns Down      
A3 No Sense       
A4 Say      
A5 Metal Heart       

B1 Back Of Your Head       
B2 Moonshiner       
B3 You May Know Him
B4 Colors And The Kids       
B5 Cross Bones Style       
B6 Peking Saint

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