Mad Season - Above (Deluxe CD/DVD Edition)

Mad Season - Above (Deluxe CD/DVD Edition)
Mad Season - Above (Deluxe CD/DVD Edition) Mad Season - Above (Deluxe CD/DVD Edition)
Format: 2 CD/DVD 
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Label (Code): Legacy
Special Attributes: 2 CD/DVD Deluxe Edition
Release Date: 03/2013
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"This deluxe edition is the closest we’re likely to get to a “Complete” Mad Season, and this composite album is, indeed, a worthy representation of a proficient and passionate band cut short before their time!" (

"...The most intriguing inclusions of this deluxe edition are the three previously unreleased tracks that Martin, McCready, and producer Brett Eliason culled from the unfinished material once destined for a second Mad Season album. Staley’s failing health had prevented him from ever penning lyrics let alone laying down vocals for these recordings. Enter Lanegan to flesh out these instrumentals with his bluesy baritone and trusted lexicon of salvation, drink, and vice, and the results will make you wish that Martin and McCready might unearth more songs for him to complete. The chugging, hellhounds-on-my-trail “Locomotive” pits Lanegan growling menacingly against Martin’s pounding, while leaving room for McCready’s most unleashed soloing since “November Hotel”. “Black Book of Fear” (co-written with Peter Buck) and “Slip Away” allow Lanegan to adopt a calmer, reflective croon over warm arrangements that hint that Mad Season was poised to move away from Above’s sludgier blues numbers. The second disc of this deluxe edition contains an unedited audio version of the band’s final show at Seattle’s Moore Theatre, while the third disc (a DVD) includes the Live at the Moore concert film (with bonus coverage) and rawer footage from other live shows. These extras are pure nostalgia, and everyone will find their own favorite moments, whether it be McCready playing guitar behind his head with a Mudhoney shirt on; a frenzied Martin slapping his drum kit with his bare hands; or a visibly frail Staley, bathed in soft light, serenely echoing, “I’m alone,” while Saunders tiptoes in the shadows behind him." (Read More:

Track List

CD1: Remastered Album + Bonus Tracks
1 Wake Up        
2 X-Ray Mind        
3 River Of Deceit        
4 I'm Above        
5 Artificial Red        
6 Lifeless Dead        
7 I Don't Know Anything        
8 Long Gone Day        
9 November Hotel        
10 All Alone        
11 Interlude        
12 Locomotive        
13 Black Book Of Fear        
14 Slip Away        
15 I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier (Remix)

CD2: Live At The Moore
1 Wake Up        
2 Lifeless Dead        
3 Artificial Red        
4 River Of Deceit        
5 I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier        
6 Long Gone Day        
7 I'm Above        
8 I Don't Know Anything        
9 X-Ray Mind        
10 All Alone        
11 November Hotel

- Live At the Moore
- Bonus Live At The Moore Footage
- Live At RKCNDY
- Self Pollution Radio
- Music Video

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