Wovenhand - Black Of The Ink (Book+CD)

Wovenhand - Black Of The Ink (Book+CD)
Wovenhand - Black Of The Ink (Book+CD)
Format: Book+CD 
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Label (Code): Glitterhouse (GRCD 732)
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Release Date: 12/2011
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"Black of the Ink is a 110 page hard-cover book that contains the complete lyrics of all Wovenhand records handwritten and illustrated by David Eugene Edwards himself..." (

"It feels hard to believe that Woven Hand were celebrating their 10th anniversary last year with the release of this wonderful book and CD, “Black of the Ink”.  After all, 16 Horsepower have been noticeably absent from the folk world for 7 long years, and though Woven Hand obviously began before 16HP’s demise, the cycle of time just seems to have quickened around them. Even so, “Black of the Ink” is a welcome new offering, and it’s fair to say that the book here is the most important new piece of Woven Hand’s puzzle, coming into existence as a 110-page hard-cover book that contains the complete lyrical writings of David Eugene Edwards throughout the six albums that have been released under the Woven Hand name.  Included with these writings are illustrations that have been drawn by Edwards himself.  The bonus to this collection is the 6-track disc that is contained within a sleeve on the back cover of the book. This disc contains 6 tracks — 1 track from every Woven Hand album that was released in their first decade of existence, each of which was reworked and re-recorded exclusively for this release..." (Read more:

Track List

01 Terre Haute
02 Not One Stone
03 Whistling Girl
04 Oil On Panel
05 White Bird
06 Last Fist

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