Flavor Crystals - Three (Ltd White 3xLP)

Flavor Crystals - Three (Ltd White 3xLP)
Flavor Crystals - Three (Ltd White 3xLP) Flavor Crystals - Three (Ltd White 3xLP)
Format: Vinyl (3xLP) 
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Label (Code): Mpls Ltd (MPLSLTD035)
Special Attributes: Limited edition Triple White Vinyl
Release Date: 05/2012
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“Some of us daydream often, and some wish they could do it more (and some of us do it more then we probably should). For those that want to do it more…pull up a cloud, put on this album, and let it float you away on the many mystic adventures that await. A spiritual journey, that will change you for the better.” (

"...You know that moment when you catch yourself daydreaming?  You ask yourself, how long was I “gone”?  Was it a minute, or five or…?  It’s then you realize you have a smile on your face, without even knowing you’re smiling.  For that moment, your mind and body had disconnected.  Your soul was playing elsewhere on a mystic adventure, obviously happy, wherever it was visiting.  That feeling of euphoria and purity.  The other day, something strange happened to me while I was listening to an album.  I realized I was experiencing a daydream, without actually daydreaming.  For a week, I was listening to this album, wondering what exactly it was that I was feeling.  I finally figured it out, when I realized I was “floating”.  Here it was, music which creates that “floating” feel of a daydream.  Taking you away on adventures, that only your deep subconscious understands.  It made me smile, unknowingly, cause it was on a level deeper then my conscious self could completely comprehend. The album is Three, by the Minneapolis based band, Flavor Crystals..." (Read more:

Track List (Stream the full album here)

1 Mirror Chop    
2 Ivan In The Park    
3 Boris In The Pool    
4 Chamber Of Mines    
5 Cow In The Meadow    
6 "Look At Me And Say Yes"    
7 Broadcaster    
8 Adult Contempt
9 Blue Haiti    
10 Surround    
11 Sultan's Orders    
12 Age Of Aquariums    
13 Snow Falling On Ono    
14 Straight Lines
15 Shadow On The Sundial    
16 Baader Meinhof
17 Unpacking The Admiral's Chair        
18 Walkabout    
19 Land Coral        
20 Before The End    
21 Whittles Deary    
22 A Bridge Too Far    
23 Barbarossa    
24 Neglecta

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