The Icarus Line - All Things Under Heaven (Ltd 2xLP)

The Icarus Line - All Things Under Heaven (Ltd 2xLP)
The Icarus Line - All Things Under Heaven (Ltd 2xLP)
Είδος: Vinyl (2xLP) 
Διαθεσιμότητα: Σε Στοκ
Εταιρία (Κωδικός): Agitated Records (AGIT033LP)
Ειδικά Χαρακτηριστικά: Black vinyl edition
Ημερομηνία Κυκλοφορίας: 10/2015
Ποσότητα:  Abstraction  Addition

  Στη Λιστα μου

"...The Icarus Line make me feel evil. This glowering bunch of post-hardcore garage swaggerers make me feel more evil than any other band has ever made me feel evil...." (

"...The Icarus Line have always made me feel evil, whenever I’ve listened to them, ever since they slimed their way out of LA wearing that commanding black-shirt-red-tie-combo uniform that would be ripped off by the decidedly less wicked-sounding Alkaline Trio and My Chemical Romance, two feeble groups who would struggle to make any normal person feel any more evil than the sight of David Attenborough nursing a particularly adorable koala bear. And now The Icarus Line have only gone and made their most evil-sounding record to date...."  (

Track List

A1 Ride Or Die    
A2 Total Pandemonium    
A3 El Sereno    

B1 All Things Under Heaven    
B2 Little Horn    
B3 Millenial Prayer
C1 Incinerator Blue    
C2 Mirror    
C3 Bedlam Blue    

D1 Solar Plexus    
D2 I Don't Wanna Stay    
D3 Sleep Now

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