The Janitors - Horn Ur Marken

The Janitors - Horn Ur Marken
The Janitors - Horn Ur Marken
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Cardinal Fuz (CF666)
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Release Date: 04/2017
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"...This follow up album very much continues where ‘Evil Doings…’ left off with a full broadside at the hypocrisy of the establishment and the continued darkness that seems to be descending on what we tend to call ‘the West’...!" (

"...‘Horn ur Marken’ is a political album, and it is a reflection of the dark times in which we live. It is an album that offers more in the way of diagnosis and prescription than it does of cure. As such there is a certain numbness to the music on here in the way that the echo and effects combine to blur the message, because nothing is clear cut and obvious. You do not get to the end of this album and think that everything will be alright, there is no guaranteed happy ending. There is darkness, and while there can be light…at the moment there is no end of the tunnel…only the oppression of decline... ” (

Track List

A1 Trojan Goat    
A2 Horn Ur Marken    
A3 Neon Times    

B1 Blizzard    
B2 Into The Woods    
B3 Fear Of All    
B4 Alarmatica

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