Les Big Byrd - Stockholm Death Star (12" EP)

Les Big Byrd - Stockholm Death Star (12" EP)
Les Big Byrd - Stockholm Death Star (12" EP)
Format: Vinyl (EP) 
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Label (Code): A Records (AUK119LP)
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Release Date: 2015
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"Those of you who are already familiar with the group will probably recognize their trippy spacerock over pulsating motorik beats from their earlier releases, and their feel for melodies is still very much present in the four songs..." (A Recordings)

"...their brand of psych worships the blank dot of space as well as any other band, to the point where their riffs are produced to sound as grand as black holes to nowhere. On the eponymous opener to ‘Stockholm Death Star’, they syncopate synth sounds to disorientate and displace the listener; listening to these moments on headphones, it’s as if the sonics are coming from outside of your listening environment, falling from the sky onto your ears. It’s a nifty trick, as if the band are actually delivering space rather than merely imagining it. It’s not all unknown star-gazing, though: “I Woke Up In A Dream” is naive and beautiful, a proper song that plays off lilting melodies and sweet pop rock harmonies. “Anywhere But Here” sees the band tear into the solar system with screeching, wah-y riffage among a a hopefully cast rhythm. Final track, “Vapour R.I.P.”, is a true alt rock ballad with smacks of the band’s psych affection. How’s that for versatile? This band have feelings, as well as astronaut suits." (Read more:

Track List

A1 Stockholm Death Star
A2 I Woke Up In A Dream

B1 Anywhere But Here
B2 Vapour R.I.P

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