Εικόνα   Συγκρότημα - Τίτλος (Νέα-Παλιά Καταχώρηση)+   Εταιρία (Α-Ζ)   Είδος   Τιμή   Αγορά 
The Bongolian - Moog Maximus (Ltd Col.)  The Bongolian - Moog Maximus (Ltd Col.)

"Well, the Bongolian does much the same in that he makes Mod and post-modern dance music that has a rock backbeat and never gets boring like ‘repetitive beats’ do..." (

 Blow Up   Vinyl (LP)  €21.00 Αγορά 
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VA - I'm Not There (Ltd 4xLP)  VA - I'm Not There (Ltd 4xLP)

"Im Not There is director Todd Haynes' third music biopic, after Superstar in 1987 and Velvet Goldmine in 1998..." (

 Music On Vinyl   Vinyl (4xLP)  €38.00 Αγορά 
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Rachel Portman - Chocolat - O.S.T (Ltd Col.)  Rachel Portman - Chocolat - O.S.T (Ltd Col.)

"...Throughout Chocolat, Portman's rich and airy melodies float sweetly across the screen,..." (

 Music On Vinyl   Vinyl (LP)  €27.00 Αγορά 
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VA - Lost Highway (Ltd 2xLP)  VA - Lost Highway (Ltd 2xLP)

"The soundtrack for David Lynch’s 1997 mystery-horror film Lost Highway is getting its first vinyl reissue in 20 years..."

 Universal   Vinyl (2xLP)  €30.00 Αγορά 
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VA - Café Society (O.S.T) (Ltd)  VA - Café Society (O.S.T) (Ltd)

“...A Collection of Music from the 1930s, Featuring Songs from Rodgers and Hart Chosen By Woody Allen and Newly Recorded for the Film by Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks..." (

 Music On Vinyl   Vinyl (LP)  €28.00 Αγορά 
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VA - Singles - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2xLP)  VA - Singles - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2xLP)

“...The romantic comedy Singles, in part a homage to director Cameron Crowe's hometown of Seattle, was released at exactly the right time (summer 1992)...." (

 Legacy   Vinyl (2xLP)  €28.50 Αγορά 
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Jóhann Jóhannsson - Orphée  Jóhann Jóhannsson - Orphée

"...It’s exciting to hear the freedom of Jóhannsson’s compositions in autonomous music..." (

 Deutsche Grammophon   Vinyl (LP)  €20.00 Αγορά 
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Alpines - Another River (Ltd Col.)  Alpines - Another River (Ltd Col.)

"...the band retains its mature electronic pop sound, delivered with cool confidence reminiscent of fellow Londoner Jessie Ware..." (

 Metropolis   Vinyl (LP)  €13.00 Αγορά 
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Asphixiation - "What Is This Thing Called 'Disco'?" (Ltd LP+12")  Asphixiation - "What Is This Thing Called 'Disco'?" (Ltd LP+12")

“...“What Is This Thing Called ‘Disco’?” is a landmark Australian post-punk artefact, originally released in 1981 as an LP with accompanying 12” single. One of the first records from the Australian underground to incor-porate disco elements into the reigning post-punk aesthetic..." (Chapter Music)

 Chapter Music   Vinyl (LP+12")  €25.00 Αγορά 
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Piero Piccioni - Fumo Di Londra  Piero Piccioni - Fumo Di Londra

"...Like Michelangelo Antonioni’s “Blow Up” and Desmond Davis’ “Smashing Time”, “Fumo di Londra” – with its Edwardiana and Royal Parks and River Thames settings – will forever celebrate the mythology of Swinging London..." (

 Bella Casa   Vinyl (LP)  €17.00 Αγορά 
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Edward Artemiev - Solaris O.S.T  Edward Artemiev - Solaris O.S.T

"...It's only appropriate that Solaris, Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky's psychological sci-fi classic from 1972, contains an equally original and mind-bending score..." (

 Мирумир   Vinyl (LP)  €11.00 Αγορά 
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Shura - Nothing's Real (Ltd 2xLP+Bonus 7")  Shura - Nothing's Real (Ltd 2xLP+Bonus 7")

"...On her latest record, Shura is at the vanguard of a scene of young queer pop stars who are updating the ’80s model of self-sufficient, fully liberated mainstream pop..." (

 Polydor   Vinyl (2xLP)  €21.00 Αγορά 
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Ólafur Arnalds - Island Songs (Ltd Col.)  Ólafur Arnalds - Island Songs (Ltd Col.)

"...designed to offer an aural journey through the lesser travelled landscapes with guidance from the locals who live there..." (

 Mercury   Vinyl (LP)  €28.50 Αγορά 
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Nouvelle Vague - Bande À Part  Nouvelle Vague - Bande À Part

"...The French producers' second album of 80s covers in a bossa nova style tackles Billy Idol's "Dancing With Myself" and Bauhaus' "Bella Lugosi's Dead", among other new wave and post-punk classics..." (

 Kwaidan   Vinyl (LP)  €24.00 Αγορά 
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VA - Trainspotting - O.S.T (Ltd 2xLP)  VA - Trainspotting - O.S.T (Ltd 2xLP)

" all-star collection of British pop and techno stars-everyone from Blur, Pulp & Elastica to Leftfield, Primal Scream & Underworld-contributed to the soundtrack, which also features a couple of oldies by veteran punk godfathers like Lou Reed & Iggy Pop..." (

 Parlophone   Vinyl (2xLP)  €27.00 Αγορά 
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