Boris - Attention Please

Boris - Attention Please
Boris - Attention Please Boris - Attention Please
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Sargent House (634457542815)
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Release Date: 06/2011
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"...the songs on Attention Please have a sultry, intoxicating catchiness to them. It's melodic without sounding pop. It's psychedelic without sounding dated. It's heavy without relying on barre chord riffs" (

Attention Please offers something fresh for Boris. For the first time in the band's long run, Wata takes lead vocal. Her consistent presence offers an atmosphere of patience, plus a cohesiveness that Boris have long since foregone. Sure, she leads the band through several different looks, from the tense, pretty opening title track to the dance-metal anthem "Party Boy". During "See You Next Week", she drifts like a ghost between a world of broken drum machines and guitars meant more for texture than melody. There's a ruminative instrumental for acoustic guitar, and "Spoon", a blustery tumble that-- Wata's willowy vocals aside-- favorably suggests the sound of 1990s American modern rock radio. What's best, the trio doesn't give up on its heavy metal experience; though this album suggests a stylistic mix of new wave and Mazzy Star, Boris play with the rumble and roar of a loud rock band. The bass line during the chiming "Tokyo Wonder Land" is a menacing throb, the guitar solo an acid-damaged roar. "Les Paul Custom '86" emerges as a dance number through sheets of noise, anchored by a riff that would have fit Earth in 1993. Those tell-all touches and Wata's command suggest that this is the better, if unforeseen, avenue for Boris' future. Though not fully developed, this is a space where they might actually explore without the constraints of reputation and expectation (Read more:

Track List
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A1 Attention Please
A2 Hope        
A3 Party Boy        
A4 See You Next Week        
A5 Tokyo Wonder Land        

B6 You
B7 Aileron
B8 Les Paul Custom '86        
B9 Spoon        
B10 Hand In Hand 

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