Blouse - S/T

Blouse - S/T
Blouse - S/T
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Captured Tracks (CT 125)
Special Attributes: Includes an mp3 download coupon, Glossy insert with lyrics.
Release Date: 2011
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"...Blouse is a record made for wandering inside the mind, where memory and dreams meet to form a less concrete kind of reality" (

If there’s a flaw in the design of Blouse, it’s that sometimes it can feel too disconnected, too frosty. It possesses a relentless thousand-yard-stare and it’s all-devouring, melancholic sighing, “May cause slight drowsiness” for some. So no “Driving or operating heavy machinery”, please, folks. Minor imperfections aside, there’s much delicious darkness here. Where there’s light it shines twice as bright. That Blouse can instantly fashion such elegantly artful dream pop but prefer to drag it by its coattails through puddles and mud is admirably mischievous, too. Even in a golden age of luxurious, arch pop-noir the hypnotically captivating Blouse definitely deserves your attention. Given time - and a few more moves - the ‘not-frilly-actually’ Blouse may yet pose a real threat to this glorious nation’s youth. Billy Bob, keep that engine running! (

Track List

A1 Firestarter         
A2 Time Travel         
A3 They Always Fly Away         
A4 Into Black         
A5 Videotapes     
B1 Controller         
B2 Roses        
B3 White         
B4 Ghost Dream         
B5 Fountain In Rewind

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