Orange - The Complete Recordings (2xLP)

Orange - The Complete Recordings (2xLP)
Orange - The Complete Recordings (2xLP)
Format: Vinyl (2xLP) 
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Label (Code): Saint Marie Records (SMR102)
Special Attributes: Double Lp, 45 RPM, Compilation
Release Date: 2016
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"The Complete Recordings will make you believe that language is an illusion and there is no death more blissful than drowning..." (

"Saint Marie continues to find so many great US bands who went unheard because Dreampop wasn’t cool at the time. Which means these bands only made this music because they were truly in love with what they were doing. Their desire to participate in the conversation, to get the sounds in their head onto vinyl or polycarbonate, was greater than their desire to ‘make it in the biz.’..."(

Track List

A1 Seahorse     
A2 Starwheel     
A3 Hindenburg     

B1 Feijoa     
B2 Swim     
B3 Heather
C1 Daisy     
C2 Blue Budd     
C3 Against Nature
D1 Gigantic     
D2 Dose Of Heaven     
D3 Moon Club     
D4 Figures & Landscapes

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