Vibravoid - Minddrugs (Cd)

Vibravoid - Minddrugs (Cd)
Vibravoid - Minddrugs (Cd) Vibravoid - Minddrugs (Cd) Vibravoid - Minddrugs (Cd)
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Release Date: 3/7/2011
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'Minddrugs' is the most matured and probably the best album by Vibravoid. Combines perfectly wlth the group's previous releases but offers more!It is the blueprint of modern psychedelia to come...

On their 5th album 'Minddrugs" Vibravoid from Dusseldorf do not only crank up their amplifiers to insane maximum volumes but turn back clocks 40 years into the future. Vibravoid manage in their own unique way to capture the spirit of long lost Hippie and Psychedelic counterculture and transform it for the NOW without sounding outdated or dull! The Band is so fresh sounding that you will immediately start to ask what kind of rubbish you have been listening to the last years - when there is the Vibravoid. 'Minddrugs' delivers with 'Seafeel" the best psychedelic: PopHit made in Dusseldorf. "What You Want" rocks heavy with hard knocking sound and re-creates the 'Live Experience' of the group. 'Do It Allright' proves Krautrock made in NOW Is still setting the standards, 'You Keep On Falllng" In a new 8 minutes version (previously released as a Greek 7" Single) lets the heart of lovers of "Kosmische Fuzz Musik" beat faster! The more than 22 minutes version of the classic "Set The Controls For The Heart of The Sun" (Pink Floyd) encapsulates the original sound of 1968 Psychedella and transports the listener back into the times of swinging Londan - straight and far out!

Track List

1. Seefeel  (3:19)
2. What You Want  (12:10)
3. Do It Allright  (4:16)   
4. You Keep On Falling  (8:50)   
5. Lost Intensity  (2:53)   
6. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (22:42)

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