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The Heads - Relaxing With... (2xCD)

The Heads - Relaxing With... (2xCD)
The Heads - Relaxing With... (2xCD)
Format: 2xCD 
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Label (Code): Rooster Rock (ROOSTER15CD)
Special Attributes: Double CD Reissue with bonus tracks
Release Date: 2010
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"...Originating out of Bristol, England, the Heads brought a somewhat milder, heavily psychedelic bent to the '90s' teeming stoner rock scene. On their 1995 debut, Relaxing With..., the band alternates between Hawkwind-like space rock drone themes & post-Detroit fuzz/punk freakouts à la MC5..." (

"Relaxing With The Heads returns as a double CD, with the original album checking in at around three quarters of an hour – plus another half hour if you count the extended jam tacked on to the extended silence following the extended closing track, ‘Coogan’s Bluff’. The other disc features several Peel and Radcliffe session tracks from around the album’s release, plus most of the content of their 7-inch singles prior to this album, which are even more impossible to find. (All told, spotting The Heads in the wild is practically a game of cryptozoology: they play live in the UK about three times a year and their records are almost all either on labels that shut down or released in minute amounts.) (Read More:

Track List

1-1 Quad    
1-2 Don't Know Yet    
1-3 Chipped    
1-4 Slow Down    
1-5 U33    
1-6 Television    
1-7 Woke Up    
1-8 Widowmaker    
1-9 Taken Too Much    
1-10 Coogan's Bluff    
2-1 Spliff Riff (Garage Tape)    
2-2 Quad 7"    
2-3 Woke Up 7"    
2-4 Looking At You (Alternate Version)    
2-5 Coogan's Bluff 7"    
2-6 Theme 7"    
2-7 Television 7"    
2-8 Steamroller 7"
2-9 Jellystoned Park 7"    
2-10 Quad (Live BBC Radio 1 Rock Show, Glasgow 31/03/96)    
2-11 U33 (Live Mark Radcliffe BBC Radio 1, Manchester 02/05/96)    
2-12 Television (Live Mark Radcliffe BBC Radio 1, Manchester 02/05/96)    
2-13 Chipped (Peel Session, Maida Vale 10/11/95)    
2-14 Widowmaker (Peel Session, Maida Vale 10/11/95)    
2-15 Theme (Peel Session, Maida Vale 10/11/95)    
2-16 Woke Up (Peel Session, Maida Vale 10/11/95)    
2-17 Spliff Riff (Peel Session, Maida Vale 10/11/95)

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