Pop Threat - Dirt N' Dust: 1999-2003 (Cd)

Pop Threat - Dirt N' Dust: 1999-2003 (Cd)
Pop Threat - Dirt N' Dust: 1999-2003 (Cd)
Format: Cd 
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Label (Code): Squirrel (SQRL 31)
Special Attributes: The Sleeve Layout is X-Ray Vision design
Release Date: 2011
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Heavily influenced by bands such as The Jesus And Mary Chain, The Raincoats, Swell Maps, Sonic Youth, The Fire Engines and The Velvet Underground, Pop Threat combined a love of pop melody with experimental elements and more often than not, just pure balls to the wall noise assaults.

Before The Blanche Hudson Weekend, before The Manhattan Love Suicides - there was Pop Threat. Featuring Caroline and Darren from those aforementioned bands on vocals and guitar respectively, along with Juliet (bass) Mick (drums) and, for a brief amount of time in the early days, Rob (guitar). Pop Threat only lasted 4 years, and in that time only recorded a relatively small amount of material (the majority of which is gathered here) released a handful of singles and one album (which came out after the band split in February 2003) and played sporadic gigs all over the UK before eventually imploding on stage at The Moles Club in Bath (ask anyone who was there that night and they'll tell you it was a perfect rock n' roll mess of feedback, tensions, frustrations and general drunken behaviour) But for anyone who paid attention to this band while they existed, they will testify that Pop Threat were one of the loudest, most ramshackle brilliant live bands operating in a music world (mostly) full of blandness.
So here it is, almost the full collection of Pop Threat recordings, all in one place for the first time ever. Turn up the volume, stick your head in the speakers and enjoy going deaf!

Track List (Listen the album in Full)

1.One Track Mind
2.So It Seemed
3.Sugar Fuck
5.Monochrome (8 track demo)
6.Sludgy (album version)
7.D 4th S (demo version)
9.No Way Out
11.Towards An End
12.Hit It !
13.The Last Resort
14.Cheap And Vulgar
16.Falling Spike
17.Sludgy (8 track demo)
18.Amarantal Meltdown
19.Dark Black
20.Reverse Expectant (8 track demo)
21.It's The Police

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