Muertos - EP1 (Ltd Col. 10")

Muertos - EP1 (Ltd Col. 10")
Muertos - EP1 (Ltd Col. 10") Muertos - EP1 (Ltd Col. 10")
Format: Vinyl (10") 
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Label (Code): Wrong Way Records
Special Attributes: Limited deadly white with red splatter 10” vinyl
Release Date: 11/2016
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"...Pounding drums ride the ensuing sonic wave as the track explodes into a maelstrom of fuzzy noise, howling vocals and throbbing bass. A fitting end to a marvellous debut EP..." (

"...‘EP 1’ unfurls its burgeoning sonic tendrils from deep within a reverberating vortex, filled with growling guitar drone, throbbing bass frequencies and the incessant thump of the bass drum. ‘Ballroom Spritzer’ skulks impatiently like a misguided school boy, dripping with hypnotic swagger as it deftly meanders down dark sonic corridors, wrapping itself around that brilliantly executed boy/girl vocal and constantly building momentum until we’re thrust headlong into a maelstrom of impressive noise and dragged effortlessly along with it through stunning sonic peaks and troughs. ‘Ballroom Spritzer’ will blow your mind from its opening notes..." (

Track List

1. Ballroom Spritzer
2. Black Box
3. Snakes
4. Write To The Devil 

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