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Dirtmusic - Lion City (LP+CD)
Dirtmusic - Lion City (LP+CD)

"Lion City is a rich and fully integrative experience that adapts cultural and musical differences between Mali, Australia, and the United States..." (

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Sacri Cuori - Delone Sacri Cuori - Delone

"The music of Sacri Cuori is a kaleidoscopic road trip through imaginary '60/'70s soundtrack music and post-folk sonics from Italy, Europe, and beyond..." (

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Dirtmusic - Troubles (2xLP) Dirtmusic - Troubles (2xLP)

“...There are many voices telling stories on Troubles, singing in Songhai, Bambara, Tamasheq and English, stories of war and peace and love and doubt in the shadow of an oncoming storm, and like a musical version of cinema verite, everything is real, in-the-moment and utterly direct..." (

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