Gap Dream - Shine Your Light

Gap Dream - Shine Your Light
Gap Dream - Shine Your Light
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Burger Records (BRGR555)
Special Attributes: Cover has a sparkly prism foil design overlay and wrapped in a black title and track strip.
Release Date: 01/2014
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"Layering warm vintage synths over simple, laid-back beats and tossing in some weedily chugging guitars from time to time, he keeps things very simple throughout..." (

"“Everybody in this whole wide world has gone straight-up insane,” Gabe Fulvimar sings about three-quarters of the way through his sophomore LP under the Gap Dream moniker. And here’s what the whole world losing its collective sanity sounds like: a burst of brassy, artificial-sounding beats fading into a warm, expansive rainstorm of sound that ebbs and flows like soundtracked dream music. But everyone is going insane together, Fulvimar included. When he sings “Gonna dig myself in with a bottle of gin tonight” in the same track, the listener is getting out a glass to join him, tongue out, eyes rolling back. The cult of Gap Dream proposes a toast..." (Read more:
Track List (Listen to the album in full)

A1 Shine Your Light
A2 Chill Spot
A3 Love Is Not Allowed
A4 Fantastic Sam
A5 Immediate Life Sentence

B1 There's Blood On The Stone
B2 Shine Your Love
B3 Snow Your Mind
B4 You're From The Shadow
B5 Come Home

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