Camera - Radiate!

Camera - Radiate!
Camera - Radiate!
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Bureau B (BB116)
Special Attributes: Includes the cd of the album
Release Date: 08/2012
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“..Truly, for any fan of hypno-rock bliss new or old, it’s hard to find fault with Camera‘s worshipful, enthusiastic emulation of their krautrock forebears; if anything, there’s something almost a little too perfect about this..." (

"...Camera´s debut album Radiate! has got all the characteristic elements of a good krautrock record: ranging from forceful “motoric rocker“ with a driving beat like Ausland and E-go, to the massive sound clusters of Lynch that seem to be as menacing as the movies of the track´s eponym, up to quieter (and even un-German optimistic) pieces like Villon, Utopia Is, or the mystical Morgen that would´ve made a great soundtrack of a Werner Herzog film. The brilliant Soldat unites all these facets, just as the band is never copying but rather quoting the work especially of Cluster and NEU!, recombining it to something new. An album with potential, which becomes better and better each time you listen to it..."  (Read more:

Track List

A1 E - Go
A2 Villon    
A3 Ausland
A4 Lynch
B1 Utopia Is    
B2 Rfid        
B3 Soldat
B4 Morgen

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