So Pitted - Neo (Ltd Col.)

So Pitted - Neo (Ltd Col.)
So Pitted - Neo (Ltd Col.)
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Sub Pop (SP1153)
Special Attributes: Loser Edition on limited edition white vinyl. Includes poster & digital download code.
Release Date: 02/2016
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"Songs that will torch your house down. It’s fuzzy, angular, throbbing, pounding, yet catchy..." (

"Like a good horror movie, there is something intensely satisfying about music that comes from a deep, dark place. Sure, it may not be the heartwarming stuff that puppies, babies and Taylor Swift are made from, but it is, I would argue, a necessary component of the human condition to explore this menacing space on occasion. So it is the trio of Seattle punks behind So Pitted that have decided to step up to the plate and give this probe a whirl on their sludgy and evocative Sub Pop debut, neo. Comprised of Nathan Rodriguez, Liam Downey and Jeannie Koewler, the band has admitted that their music comes from "feeling doomed." Listen to a few seconds of Rodriguez's nightmarish howls or Downey's thunderous drums or Koewler's thick guitar lines routed through a bass amp and you'll know exactly what doom sounds like..." (Read more:

Track List (Listen to the album in full)

A1 Cat Scratch
A2 Pay Attention To Me
A3 Woe
A4 Holding The Void
A5 No Nuke Country
A6 The Sickness

B1 Feed Me
B2 I'm Not Over It
B3 Rot In Hell
B4 Get Out Of My Room
B5 Chop Down That Tree

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