Kore Ydro - Ftini Pop Gia Tin Elit (2xLP)

Kore Ydro - Ftini Pop Gia Tin Elit (2xLP)
Kore Ydro - Ftini Pop Gia Tin Elit (2xLP) Kore Ydro - Ftini Pop Gia Tin Elit (2xLP)
Format: Vinyl (2xLP) 
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Label (Code): Inner Ear (inn053l)
Special Attributes: Ltd edition on Pink Vinyl of 250 copies
Release Date: 2012
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Six years have passed since the release of “Frini Pop Gia Tin Elit” (Cheap Pop For The Elite), and the elite minority [hence the “elite” of the title], who knew them from the time of their debut, “An Ola Telionan Edo” (If All Ends Here) on Wipe Out Records, has now become a bigger audience of loyal fans, worthy of the band’s uniqueness. (

The post-erotic, post-Christian, post communist, post-progressive, post-post-punk manifest of the group from Corfu -whose lone consistent and uninterrupted course from 1993 until today, unrepentantly off limits and worlds away from each (mainstream and underground) established local music wave, has almost made it a cult legend – had been released by EMI, in a happy encounter between DIY attitude and ambition. The album, an entirely independent production of very low budget [hence the “cheap” of the title], included 12 songs the majority of which was written between 2003 and 2005 and recorded in the group’s home studio in Corfu and it managed not only to distrurb the unsuspecting Greek music industry but also to get enlisted among the best Greek albums of that year. (

Track List

01 Οι Εραστές του Τίποτα
02 Το Σπίτι
03 Χειραψία/Gay Anthem For the New Millennium
04 Ραντάρ
05 Περί Πάθους '05
06 Όχι πια Έρωτες
07 Τώρα που δεν Έχω Κανέναν
08 Ξανά με τους Κακούς
09 Καμιά Χριστίνα
10 Άλλη μια Νύχτα Σύγχυσης και Γέλιου
11 (Ένας) Εφιάλτης
12 Δεύτερο Πρόγραμμα

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