Baby Guru - S/T

Baby Guru - S/T
Baby Guru - S/T Baby Guru - S/T
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Inner Ear (inn035l)
Special Attributes: Ltd edition of 250 copies, Heavy weight red vinyl
Release Date: 2011
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"Looking for the influences of “Baby Guru”, one comes across psychedelic music, the band’s love for samplers, African percussion, electronic methods (looping, splicing, editing) but also kraut pop. It’s worth mentioning that they used no guitars at all during the recordings of the album" (Inner Ear)

Their homemade debut album, which was recorded at King Elephant’s basement, is entirely produced, arranged and mixed by Baby Guru. Walking in the footsteps of Can, Baby Guru record long improvisational jams, without any rehearsals, following their instincts and the unexpected inspiration and unlocking their subconscious. Later on they would isolate the best parts and end up with a final result, using editing techniques. Welcome to Guruland! The circle is full and the ritual begins NOW! (

Track List

Baby Side
A1 Holy Grey     
A2 Here Comes The Luliluri         
A3 Marilu         
A4 Bounce         
A5 Baby Guru Theme         
A6 I'm Only Spinning         
A7 Secondary Angle And Shades Of Infinity
Guru Side
B1 Perfect Make-Up         
B2 Navigation         
B3 Rainy Day     
B4 Kicks With Mary          
B5 Ariel (Reprise)         
B6 Inner Space     
B7 Promenade

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