Goat - World Music (Ltd Yellow Clear Vinyl)

Goat - World Music (Ltd Yellow Clear Vinyl)
Goat - World Music (Ltd Yellow Clear Vinyl)
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Rocket Recordings (LAUNCH048LP)
Special Attributes: Limited edition on Yellow Clear vinyl
Release Date: 2012
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"One of 2012's biggest underground rock albums is the work of a deliberately enigmatic commune/collective who have supposedly built themselves some kind of snowbound psychedelic Shangri-La in a tiny village in Sweden's far north" (

"...World Music is a twisted disharmony of palpable, trance-like grooves, loose jams and masses of wah-wah, reverb and tweaked-out guitar—all of which screeches, howls, clangs and crashes in a wacked-out fuzzy din. Sound good? It’s better than good; it’s a masterpiece.  Squalls of psych and steel strums make up “Diarabi” and “Goatman”, the latter cut with tribal drumming and a tumbling, corpulent bass. Sinisterly picked, propulsive notes overrun the dirty, disco metal of “Run to Your Mama”. “Disco Fever” brings the seedy funk, dripping with ‘70s organ and chopped up, tinny ringing chords. And the hollowed out, tinkling chimes of “Golden Dawn” are slathered in lolloping bass and flashes of distorted guitar, before dropping into a Cambodian keyboard jam, which is halted by a squealing solo. It could have all gone so terribly wrong. World Music is soaked in a vintage ‘70s vibe, and, as plenty of redundant retro and proto-this-and-that-inclined acts can attest to, simply throwing on some flares, sparking a spliff, and reenacting a few moves is definitely not the same as invoking a genuinely free-spirited mood. No such issues for Goat though. The band exudes a wanton ritual rum-guzzling eccentricity, and its songs are crammed with unconventional swerves, making for a weird and wonderful hallucinatory atmosphere throughout. Sure, you might well recognize the retrospective components here, but I guarantee you’ve never heard them arranged like this..." (Read More:

Track List (Listen the album in full)

A1 Diarabi
A2 Goatman        
A3 Goathead        
A4 Disco Fever        

B1 Golden Dawn        
B2 Let It Bleed        
B3 Run To Your Mama        
B4 Goatlord        
B5 Det Som Aldrig Förändras / Diarabi  

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