Sonic Jesus - Neither Virtue Nor Anger (Ltd 2xLP)

Sonic Jesus - Neither Virtue Nor Anger (Ltd 2xLP)
Sonic Jesus - Neither Virtue Nor Anger (Ltd 2xLP)
Format: Vinyl (2xLP) 
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Label (Code): Fuzz Club (FC22V12D)
Special Attributes: Limited to 400 copies on Black vinyl.
Release Date: 04/2015
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"Reminiscent of The Brian Jonestown Massacre's drawn out lysergic jams or Spacemen 3's more evil, twisted side, 'Neither Virtue Nor Anger' is a hypnotic work..." (

"The debut album by Italy's Sonic Jesus is a dark, uncompromising listen. Ninety minutes long, it's spread over four sides of vinyl, each with their own distinct character, though the differences between them may not be immediately apparent. On the surface, Sonic Jesus are yet another band in the seemingly never ending nu-psych/shoegaze revival; droning, gothic, heavy and hypnotic. What sets them apart, is the sheer unrelenting density and stubborn trudge of Neither Virtue Nor Anger. In listening to this album all the way through, – preferably loud and in the dark – you feel like you're embarking on an epic descent into some collective psychic and spiritual underworld, from which you may never emerge. Morbidly introspective, it's also a driving heavy metal exercise in docility – like a 21st century Hawkwind. And its uncompromising dedication to pursuing its own singularly dank metaphor finally lifts this record above most of its peers towards the flagellant intensity of Current 93 or Swans..." (Read more:

Track List (Stream the album in full)

A1 Locomotive
A2 Triumph
A3 Reich
A4 Sweet Suicide

B1 Dead
B2 Paranoid Palace
B3 Drift 22
B4 Lost Reprise

C1 Monkey On My Back
C2 Whore Is Death
C3 My Lunacy
C4 Luxury

D1 Cancer
D2 Telegraph
D3 Underground
D4 Kali Yuga

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