Circuit Des Yeux - Portrait

Circuit Des Yeux - Portrait
Circuit Des Yeux - Portrait
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): De Stijl (IND093)
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Release Date: 2011
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"...the LP has a brevity that might actually strengthen its impact, much like the brief but extraordinary salvos of free music and agit-folk that graced the ESP-Disk’ catalog in the mid-1960s..." (

"...Calling music "meditative" often means it's mellow and soothing—a conduit for relaxation. But truly meditative music isn't so much sedative as it is transformative, inducing a deliberately slower, quieter mental state. That's the kind of meditation Haley Fohr encourages as Circuit Des Yeux, and never more so than on In Plain Speech. The album is all long arcs and patient development..." (

Track List

A1 Intro     
A2 Falling Out     
A3 3311     
A4 Crying Chain
B1 Twenty + Dry     
B2 Weighed Down     
B3 101 Ways To Kill A Man     
B4 I'm On Fire Live

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