Dale Crover - The Fickle Finger of Fate (Ltd Col.)

Dale Crover - The Fickle Finger of Fate (Ltd Col.)
Dale Crover - The Fickle Finger of Fate (Ltd Col.)
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Joyful Noise Recordings (JNR235)
Special Attributes: White Vinyl Edition
Release Date: 2017
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"After over three decades of drumming in the Melvins, Dale Crover has released a muffled, scattershot solo album. It comes on the heels of a new record from the Melvins themselves...." (

"It took over 30 years, but it finally exists: a Dale Crover solo album. The legendary drummer of the Melvins, and even Nirvana for a time (he played on three tracks on Bleach), has long hinted at the possibility of a solo effort. In 1992, he and the Melvins released the aptly titled Dale Crover, a punk rock record that sounded more akin to Sonic Youth than their usual gush of sludge metal. The album is an odd but illuminating look into the mind of Crover, ... " (

Track List

A1 Chicken A La King     
A2 Bad Move     
A3 The Members Bounce     
A4 None, No More     
A5 Hillbilly Math     
A6 String Bean     
A7 The Short Con     
A8 Little Brother     
A9 Tiny Sound / I Don't Know, Why?
B10 Slide On Up     
B11 Big 'Uns     
B12 Prismo     
B13 Giant Hunka Cake     
B14 Fickle Finger of Fate     
B15 Thunder Pinky     
B16 Horse Pills     
B17 There Goes the Neighborhood     
B18 Our Supreme Leader     
B19 I Found the Way Out     
B20 Vulnavia

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