Madrugada - Nightly Disease (4xLP Deluxe Edition)

Madrugada	- Nightly Disease (4xLP Deluxe Edition)
Madrugada	- Nightly Disease (4xLP Deluxe Edition)
Format: Vinyl (4xLP) 
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Label (Code): Virgin (5099909694811)
Special Attributes: 4xLPs, Deluxe Edition Ltd to 500 copies, Gatefold sleeve
Release Date: 06/2011
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"...Like some of the best records ever made, it is not particularly accessible, but once you get into it, it is sure to make a lasting impression" (

This album was very eagerly anticipated in Norway, and, of course, in Germany, where a large amount of record buyers went crazy for Madrugada after hearing their debut album and mesmerizing concerts. The most reasonable thing to do would, of course, be to continue with the relatively safe sound of debut Industrial Silence. Madrugada, however, chose quite differently; they returned with this ultra-bleak record. And for the better of it: This is a much better and more consistent album than their debut. For starters, yes, it may well be depression caught on tape, but it sounds real and convincing, unlike much of the material on their debut. The lyrics are more poetic, the songs are much more diverse, and the production is wonderfully dirty, giving the record a rather dangerous aura. It seems as if Madrugada has taken elements of the best bits from their past -- for example, the beautifully dark "A Deadend Mind" -- and combined them with a new rawness and energy found in "Nightly Disease Part Two," an intense, high-tempo song echoing depression. (More info:

Track List

A1 Black Mambo         
A2 Step Into This Room And Dance For Me
A3 Nightly Disease Part II         
A4 Lucy One

B1 Hands Up - I Love You         
B2 A Deadend Mind         
B3 The Frontman
B4 We Are Go   
C1 Into Heartbeats
C2 Sister
C3 Two Black Bones     
D1 Only When You're Gone
D2 Nightly Disease Part I         
D3 Big Sleep         
D4 Run Away With Me 
E1 City Blues         
E2 Lost Gospel         
E3 California         
E4 Ice-9         
E5 Ready To Carry You         
E6 View From A Hilltop   
F1 Fast Blues From A Little V.         
F2 4-Track Country Songs Part I         
F3 4-Track Country Songs Part II
F4 I'm Sorry
F5 Come On Home To Me

G1 Thrasher
G2 Local Norma Jean         
G3 Stop The Beats         
G4 Nightclub (Hands Up - I Love You)   
H1 If I Only Had My Guitar         
H2 Lord, Why Have You Left Me?         
H3 Departure #6         
H4 Lift Me (Demo)

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