Messenger - Illusory Blues (Ltd Col.)

Messenger - Illusory Blues (Ltd Col.)
Messenger - Illusory Blues (Ltd Col.)
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Svart Records (SVR260)
Special Attributes: Limited edition on clear vinyl on Gatefold cover
Release Date: 04/2014
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"...the stream of sound that emanates from the source of Illusory Blues is a heaving mass of organic richness, brimmed with intricate sounds that acknowledge the original fathers of experimentation but look forward in creating something new and unique..." (Svart Records)

"..Of its seven tracks, none drop shorter than 5 minutes, giving each time to develop and offer something different but equally mesmerising and always ending in some kind of powerful climax. The ironically named opener The Return starts slowly and morphs through several passages dripping with touches of flute, womanly hums and occasional keys, eventually exploding with drum rolls and the closest such a subtle album comes to aggressive vocals, finally coming full circle again with the intro's acoustic chord progression. From the offset it is obvious they're a masterful group of musicians, effortlessly creating atmosphere and flawlessly arranged songs. Despite the band being at its core a three-piece, their utilisation of instruments is vast and varied, the next song Piscean Tide beginning with an Americana-style violin, Perpetual Glow of A Setting Sun using piano and electric guitars and closer Let The Light In rounding things off with the distinctly Eastern sound of a droning sitar..." (Read More:

Track List (Stream in full here)

A1 The Return    
A2 Piscean Tide
A3 Dear Departure    
A4 The Perpetual Glow Of A Setting Sun    
B1 Midnight    
B2 Somniloquist    
B3 Let The Light In

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