Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor - S/T (Cd)

Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor - S/T (Cd)
Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor - S/T (Cd)
Format: Cd 
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Label (Code): New Fortune
Special Attributes: Cardboard Sleeve hand,screened with different colour cover from the Vinyl
Release Date: 2009
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The self-titled Sisters debut was something of a cosmic musical journey. With a sound that is something like Deep Purple meets Motorhead meets Black Mountain meets Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, with a huskier Jim Morrison on vocals, Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor rocks hard and deep.

The Detroit band possesses a heavy glam tread that only barely makes it to this century, much less the incipient teens decade we find ourselves now in, and it is this retro tug that makes it awesome. The self-titled Sisters debut (dropped 2009, same year they became the Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor) was something of a cosmic musical journey. It was drenched in reverb and effects, yet felt warm and organic. Some songs were tight, fleshed-out pop-psych, while others sounded like a bender put to musical form. It recalled everything from the Doors' death march "The End" to the hazy, repetitive groove of neo-psych bands such as Spacemen 3, Loop or Mazzy Star.

Track List

1 Lord is My Gun           
2 Victims of Momentum           
3 Slow Suicide           
4 All You Lovers           

1 Spaceman Blues           
2 Doom           
3 Two Thousand Nine           
4 At the Gates

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