Dead Meadow - Warble Womb (2xLP)

Dead Meadow - Warble Womb (2xLP)
Dead Meadow - Warble Womb (2xLP)
Format: Vinyl (2xLP) 
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Label (Code): XEMU Records (XM-1027)
Special Attributes: Red vinyl on gatefold cover (New & sealed but with a small bent on the upper right front corner)
Release Date: 11/2013
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“..While it's not necessarily Dead Meadow's masterwork, it shows a band growing into its sound and mellowing nicely without sacrificing any of its radiance by exploring less extreme territories...." (

"...Warble Womb remains resolutely stoner in at least one respect: its length. If cynics such as Priest, Stickman and MichaelZodiac can make it through to the second half of Warble Womb’s mammoth 70+ minute running time, they’ll find Dead Meadow to be more embracing of THE HEAVY in the album’s latter stages. Here we find the rumbling, bluesy ‘Rains in the Desert’, the sleepy, shoegazing metal of ‘Copper is Restless’, and the 10-minute Orange-amped tantric fuzzgasm that is ‘This Song Is Over’...."  (Read more:

Track List

A1 Six To Let The Light Shine Thru        
A2 1000 Dreams        
A3 Mr. Chesty        

B1 I'm Cured        
B2 Warble Womb I        
B3 Yesterday's Blowin' Back        
B4 One More Toll Taker        

C1 Rains In The Desert        
C2 Burn The Here And Now        
C3 All Torn Up        
C4 In The Thicket        

D1 Copper Is Restless ('Til It Turns To Gold)        
D2 Warble Womb II        
D3 This Song Is Over        
D4 September 

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