Mystic Braves ‎- Desert Island (Ltd)

Mystic Braves ‎- Desert Island (Ltd)
Mystic Braves ‎- Desert Island (Ltd)
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Lolipop Records ‎(LPOP09)
Special Attributes: 500 LP's pressed. Includes insert with lyrics.
Release Date: 04/2014
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"...The Mystic Braves are a five-piece out of Los Angeles who are so thoroughly in love with the twangy, farfisa-inflected, hippie-trippy music of the 1960s that they play it a hell of a lot better than many of the bands who were actually there at the time..." (

"...The opening of this album for starters is an easy indication of an ambient trip, although  they’ve left the thin line between dozed hippie-trippy and far-out confusion uncrossed. Bright “Blue Day Haze” is the sun-glazed, melodic solution to proceed into the light synths for a colorful blend into Desert Island‘s tracklisting. If taking Tame Impala as a comparison has automatically crossed your ears, then don’t be completely otherwise alluded; tracks such as “Coyote Blood” and “You Take the Dark Out of Me” whistle along the same smothered breezy rock that comes with the distorted tempos and twang.  But to pigeonhole the Braves with the assumption of a sub-influenced west coast band isn’t how the record should be regarded. Aligned with Tame Impala, their production isn’t so diverged into one road with layers and layers of phaze-daze incensed structure, rather, the Braves start at a crossroad only to slip into any given option they can conjure.  “Desert Island” itself, which sees “I know it’s the hard the moments we’re away / vacation’s surely the way.” slips over lips to combine the dizziness along the broody bass lines.  If that’s not enough to soundtrack the red outback’s of the U.S border then maybe the crashing sound of Latin hoots rumbling against the flavored riffs across “Valley Rats” catalyzes the skyline of the album..." (Read More:

Track List (Listen the album in Full)

A1 Bright Blue Day Haze
A2 There's A Pain
A3 Coyote Blood
A4 Desert Island
A5 Valley Rat

B1 You Take The Dark Out Of Me
B2 I Want You Back
B3 Born Without A Heart
B4 In The Past
B5 Earthshake

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