Red House Painters - Down Colorful Hill

Red House Painters - Down Colorful Hill
Red House Painters - Down Colorful Hill
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): 4AD (CAD 3408)
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Release Date: 08/2015
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"Most demos are excruciatingly bad - the kind of unlistenable things you play for bemused friends so they, too, can wonder why the potential musician ever bothered in the first place. Red House Painters were luckier..." (

"Not a proper debut as such, Down Colorful Hill instead comprises the demo recordings which won Red House Painters their contract with the 4AD label, released here with minimal overdubbing. Regardless, the group has already reached full maturity; these lengthy, ponderous songs are remarkably evocative portraits of a distinctly tortured psyche -- Mark Kozelek forgoes the camouflage of metaphor to lay his soul on the line, and the honesty of his craft is both beautiful and disturbing." (Read more:

Track List

A1 24
A2 Medicine Bottle
A3 Japanese To English

B1 Down Colorful Hill
B2 Lord Kill The Pain
B3 Michael

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