The Moles - Flashbacks & Dream Sequences (Ltd 2xLP+2xCD RSD 2014)

The Moles - Flashbacks & Dream Sequences (Ltd 2xLP+2xCD RSD 2014)
The Moles - Flashbacks & Dream Sequences (Ltd 2xLP+2xCD RSD 2014)
Format: Vinyl (2xLP) 
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Label (Code): Fire Records (FIRELP241)
Special Attributes: Exclusive Record Store Day 2014, Limited to 300 copies
Release Date: 19/04/2014
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The first ever comprehensive collection of Australian underground legends The Moles. Reissue includes the albums "Untune The Sky" (1991) and "Instinct" (1994) in their original vinyl configurations, which are also compiled on the first CD. The second CD includes their two EPs, 7", and "Rarities and Oddities." (

"...Flashbacks and Dream Sequences: The Story of the Moles is the first comprehensive collection of the entire recorded output of Australian underground legends The Moles. Led by Richard Davies, the band quickly grew from their garage and psych roots to travel to London and then New York City and forge a unique path. Often cited as the band that pushed The Flaming Lips into the giants we know today, it was a star meant to burn brightly, and then no more. Includes their only two full albums Untune The Sky and Instinct in their original tracklistings, and everything in-between. - ..." (Read More:

Track List

LP 1 - Untune The Sky
A1 Wires    
A2 Accidental Saint    
A3 Rich Man    
A4 Curdle    

B1 Surf's Up    
B2 Europe By Car    
B3 Bury Me Happy    
B4 Nailing Jesus To The Cross    

LP 2 - Instinct
C1 Minor Royal March    
C2 Eros Lunch    
C3 Already In Black    
C4 Instinct    
C5 Cars For Kings Cross    

D1 Cassie Peek    
D2 Raymond, Did You See The Red Queen?    
D3 Treble Metal    
D4 The Crasher    

CD 1 - Untune The Sky / Instinct

CD 2 - Bonus Material
18 Tendrils And Paracetamol    
19 This Is A Happy Garden    
20 Breath Me In    
21 Lonely Hearts Get What They Deserve    
22 What's The New Mary Jane    
23 Going Down    
24 Saint Jack    
25 Lets Hook Up And Get Some    
26 Propeller    
27 With Body Wifes Seven Days    
28 The Crown Souls    
29 Rebecca    
30 Rich Man (Original Mix)    
31 Drink Talking    
32 Bury Me Happy (Early Version)    
33 Flex    
34 We Need An Electric Guitar    
35 Mystery Song

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