The Notwist - S/T
The Notwist - S/T
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Screaming Trees - Last Words (Ltd)

Screaming Trees - Last Words (Ltd)
Screaming Trees - Last Words (Ltd)
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Sunyata Records (STLW001)
Special Attributes: Ltd Red Vinyl to 500 copies for RSD 2014.
Release Date: 19/04/2014
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"Last Words will stand up as a brilliantly fitting send-off to one of Seattle's best, yet most under-appreciated bands." (

"...The 38 minutes of music presented here are packed full of Screaming Trees trademarks. You get the wailing, fluid, swirly lead guitar attack, showcased brilliantly on Door Into Summer and Crawlspace. You get Mark Lanegans inimitable gravelly growl which really shines on the semi-acoustic Tomorrow Changes and the distortion laden Last Words. You get the super tight Rhythm section which, despite its tightness, feels like it could fall apart at any time, with some brilliant drum fills popping up from time to time. No other band will ever sound like Screaming Trees, and only a fool would try to imitate their sound. Even though the band went their separate ways before these songs saw the light of day, they still sound like a band on top of their game.." (Read More:

Track List

A1 Ash Gray Sunday    
A2 Door Into Summer    
A3 Revelator    
A4 Crawlspace    
A5 Black Rose Way    

B1 Reflections    
B2 Tomorrow Changes    
B3 Low Life    
B4 Anita Grey    
B5 Last Words 

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