Weekend - Jinx (2xLP)

Weekend - Jinx (2xLP)
Weekend - Jinx (2xLP)
Format: Vinyl (2xLP) 
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Label (Code): Slumberland Records (SLR 183)
Special Attributes: 2xLP on 45rpm, Includes printed dust sleeves with lyrics, poster insert and download code
Release Date: 2013
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"Weekend keeps their heroes on their sleeve, yet simultaneously doesn’t sound like anyone you’ve heard before. Notable post-punk forefathers, Joy Division & Deftones amongst them, are nestled somewhere underneath the surface" (

"...There’s a thrill that danger gives us that nothing can replicate. Jinx is more than an account of feeling lost and lonely, a feeling that’s been felt many times before. The record hits you in the spaces you didn’t realize were blank, like that moment that is the sliver between thought and expression. Jinx is a catalogue that accounts for not just the high but the come-down of love, the morning after when the light is stale, and the confusion that comes along with trying to make sense of anything at all. As Durkan murmurs on closer “Just Drive”: “It doesn’t mean a thing.”..." (Read more:

Track List

A1 Mirror    
A2 July    

B1 Oubliette    
B2 Celebration, FL    
B3 Sirens    

C1 Adelaide    
C2 It's Alright    
C3 Rosaries    

D1 Scream Queen    
D2 Just Drive 

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