Lilys - Eccsame The Photon Band (Ltd)

Lilys - Eccsame The Photon Band (Ltd)
Lilys - Eccsame The Photon Band (Ltd)
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Frontier (31084-1)
Special Attributes: Black Vinyl
Release Date: 10/2015
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"The obscurely titled Eccsame the Photon Band is the Lilys' detour into spartan dream-pop, a guise they wear quite well..." (

"This month marks the 20th anniversary of the release of Lilys' powerful and mysterious Eccsame The Photon Band, a unique collection even among the oeuvre of Kurt Heasley, the band's notably restless songwriter and only constant member. For our money, it is certainly one of the most engaging -- if underheard -- indie rock albums of the '90s. Like a lot of great music, the album's creation owes a debt to that rare and singular cocktail of youth: chance, environment and a positive open-mindedness shared among the four men who created it. "Behold and open to the light," translates the title -- a sentiment that seems to have guided the principals behind it from the foursome's very first minute together..." (Read more: jbreitling.blogspot)

Track List (Listen to the album in full)

A1 High Writer At Home
A2 Untitled 1
A3 Day Of The Monkey
A4 FBI And Their Toronto Transmitters
A5 Untitled 2
A6 The Turtle Which Died Before Knowing

B1 The Hermit Crab
B2 Untitled 3
B3 Overlit Canyon (The Obscured Wingtip Memoir)
B4 Hubble
B5 Untitled 4
B6 Kodiak (Reprise)
B7 Radiotricity
B8 Your Guest And Host

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