Exit Calm - S/T (2xLP)

Exit Calm - S/T (2xLP)
Exit Calm - S/T (2xLP) Exit Calm - S/T (2xLP)
Format: Vinyl (2xLP) 
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Label (Code): Club Ac30 (AC307041)
Special Attributes: Gatefold cover, limited to 500 copies
Release Date: 2010
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"...‘Exit Calm’ is not a record that jumps out at you; it’s more the kind of psychedelic listen that slowly draws you in - an album you can lose yourself in for a while. It’s immersive and inspired, and strongly hints at better things to come!..." (

"...Exit Calm come from Yorkshire and still remain a secret. They toured with Echo and the Bunnymen last year, and sadly singer Nicky Smith lost his voice before going on stage, but still they shined brightly. On hearing this for the first time it blew me away. On hearing it for the second time, it remained a mind blowing experience.
Their self-titled debut album opens with 'You're Got It All Wrong', and, like most of this album, it is at just under six minutes in length a long track. It is classy rock ans roll. From its haunting intro, it sounds like a combination of 'A Storm in Heaven'-era Verve (& of course Not as the later Verve) and early Bunnymen. Within two minutes of this being on, Nicky's vocal on this is somewhere between Ian Brown and Richard Ashcroft. This is a band to absorb your thoughts and lose yourself in. You know like you uses to feel when you were young and you loved, really loved a band. Exit Calm are this type of band. And to be honest, it is about time, a group came along to make you feel like this again. Exit Calm have already delivered one of the best albums for 2010..." (

Track List

A1 You've Got It All Wrong         
A2 We're On Our Own     
B1 When You Realise         
B2 Hearts & Minds         
B3 Don't Look Down   
C1 Forgiveness         
C2 Reference         
C3 With Angels    
D1 Atone         
D2 Recovery         
D3 Serenity

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