Stereolab - Not Music (2xLP Col.)

Stereolab - Not Music (2xLP Col.)
Stereolab - Not Music (2xLP Col.) Stereolab - Not Music (2xLP Col.)
Format: Vinyl (2xLP) 
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Label (Code): Drag City (DC-430)
Special Attributes: Double Blue colored vinyl
Release Date: 2010
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"..what’s most appropriate about Not Music is that captures many of the qualities that have defined Stereolab over the years, so stylish and creative in its aesthetic, yet so geekish and workmanlike in its approach to making music..." (

"...Effortless as they might feel, Stereolab songs, even the deepest b-side grooves, never sound tossed off, and the tracks on Not Music are no exception. The new LP is particularly representative of the group’s later albums, which have fewer peaks but almost no valleys, with maybe not as much killer, but definitely no filler. Remember, too, that some of the best full-length offerings in the outfit’s expansive catalog are compilations of singles, bonus tracks, and random odds-‘n-sods, so there’s no chance that Stereolab is just going through the motions even on a batch of extras like Not Music, no matter when, where, and how it’s being released..." (Read More:

Track List

A1 Everybody's Weird Except Me    
A2 Supah Jaianto    
A3 So Is Cardboard Clouds    
A4 Equivalences    
A5 Leleklato Sugar    

B Silver Sands [Emperor Machine Mix]    

C1 Two Finger Symphony    
C2 Delugeoisie    
C3 Laserblast    
C4 Sun Demon    
C5 Aelita    

D1 Pop Molecules (Molecular Pop 2)    
D2 Neon Beanbag [Atlas Sound Mix]

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