The Tallest Man On Earth - Dark Bird Is Home (Ltd White)

The Tallest Man On Earth - Dark Bird Is Home (Ltd White)
The Tallest Man On Earth - Dark Bird Is Home (Ltd White)
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Dead Oceans (DOC100)
Special Attributes: Limited White vinyl
Release Date: 2015
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"If you're a fan of The Tallest Man On Earth, Dark Bird pays real tribute to the old records you fell for, and goes new places you're going to love as well. If you're new to The Man: holy shit!" (

"The music of Kristian Matsson (who records as the Tallest Man on Earth) doesn't carry the same loneliness of other heartbroken folkies; Matsson's music, instead, has solitude. Loneliness is a condition, a place you end up and from which you are eager to leave, but solitude is a choice. Like Henry James or Emily Dickinson, who best detail the workings of their mind when they are cloistered away from the world, Matsson is more concerned with a wellspring of autonomous thought rather than the chirpings of modern society. His voice and his guitar jig around some distant forest maypole, out of touch and out of sync with everything 21st-century. Instead, he's loosely moored to his dreams, his wanderlust, and all the other broad stuff of poetry that glows brightest in total seclusion..." (Read more:

Track List (Listen to the album in full)

A1 Fields Of Our Home
A2 Darkness Of The Dream
A3 Singers
A4 Slow Dance
A5 Little Nowhere Towns

B1 Sagres
B2 Timothy
B3 Beginners
B4 Seventeen
B5 Dark Bird Is Home

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