Dead Skeletons - Dead Magick (2xLP)

Dead Skeletons - Dead Magick (2xLP)
Dead Skeletons - Dead Magick (2xLP) Dead Skeletons - Dead Magick (2xLP)
Format: Vinyl (2xLP) 
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Label (Code): A Records (AUK103LP)
Special Attributes: 180g Vinyl, Reissue
Release Date: 2013 (11/2011)
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"Dead Skeletons are the future of this genre - they're representative of an entirely new chapter of psychedelia!" (

Death's dark figure looms large over Icelandic psychedelic overlords Dead Skeletons and the mantra-like ruminations contained within Dead Magick. Despite the skull gracing the cover of this epic 12-song collection, this is no morbid reflection on the inevitability that faces us all though scratching below the surface you'd be forgiven for thinking so. From the opening drones, distorted organs and guitars wobbling from the effects of heavy-duty tremolo, 'Dead Mantra' is battle of life winning over death and the sonic palette that colours the struggle between fight and surrender is consistent throughout. In the middle of this hypnotic maelstrom come the otherwordly vocals. Bathed in echo and reverb, they attempt to find their way from a spiritual battleground that suggests a strange ambiguity over whether the desire for life can keep mortality away for just that bit longer. (Read more:

Track List
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Part One
A1 Dead Mantra         
A2 Om Mani Peme Hung         
A3 Kingdom Of God         

B1 Psychodead         
B2 Get On The Train         
B3 Dead Magick I        

Part Two
C1 Ask Seek Knock        
C2 Ljósberinn         
C3 Lifðu! /Live!         

D1 When The Sun Comes Up     
D2 Yama         
D3 Dead Magick II

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