Temples - Volcano

Temples - Volcano
Temples - Volcano
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Heavenly Recordings (HVNLP135)
Special Attributes: Comes with 4 art prints
Release Date: 03/2017
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"...on ‘Volcano’ they really have outdone themselves — no second album syndrome here — taking their synth-pop, festival-friendly sound into something more sophisticated, with more depth..." (

"...To some extent, you could make the same criticism of ‘Volcano’, whose 12 songs similarly abound with trite imagery of suns, mountains and boats bobbing along on lakes of molten lava. Yet, much like its predecessor, ‘Volcano’ has a knack for winning you over: opening track ‘Certainty’, with its squelchy Moog bassline and lysergic Disney hook, is a sheer sonic marvel, while elsewhere the band’s sonic palette has been expanded to include the pulsing, proggy motorik of ‘Open Air’ and baroque chamber-psych of ‘(I Want To Be Your) Mirror’. Best of all is the note-perfect approximation of The Kinks going space-glam with Brian Eno manning the controls on ‘Roman God-Like Man’..." (NME)

Track List

A1 Certainty     
A2 All Join In     
A3 I Wanna Be Your Mirror     
A4 Oh! The Saviour     
A5 Born Into The Sunset     
A6 How Would You Like To Go?     

B1 Open Air     
B2 In My Pocket     
B3 Celebration     
B4 Mystery Of Pop     
B5 Roman God-Like Man     
B6 Strange Or Be Forgotten

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