10000 Russos - Distress Distress

10000 Russos - Distress Distress
10000 Russos - Distress Distress
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Fuzz Club Records ‎(FC61V12)
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Release Date: 04/2017
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"Once again the trio has transcended the boundaries of psychedelia as we know it today; their dark, droning noise is twisted, distorted and pushed to its limit..." (

"‘Distress Distress’ is so ritualistic and industrial it see’s their usual post-punk sound – a primal and celestial mix of The Fall, NEU! and Spacemen 3 – pushed within an inch of techno territory with its abrasive, metronomic rhythms..." (
Track List (Listen to the album in full)

A1 Germinal     
A2 Tutilitarian     
A3 Europa Kaput     

B1 Ism     
B2 Radio 1     
B3 Distress

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